Opametal Company s.r.o. was founded in 1999, as a continuation of its current co-owners’ business activities in the area of ​​waste management (including hazardous waste) which started in 1993. The company is, and was from the very beginning, 100% Czech. It employs more then 60 people, and each month handles over 5500 tons of iron scrap, waste paper, plastics, non-ferrous metals and scrap steel.

Opametal – helping the environment. We deal with the wholesale processing of scrap materials in Central Europe and their subsequent recycling.

We offer the following services:

  • Purchase of iron scrap
  • Purchase of non-ferrous metals
  • Purchase of paper and plastic
  • Dismantling of steel structures
  • Mobile pressing
  • Ecological disposal of scrap vehicles
  • Sales of paper products
  • Fleet and equipment
  • Quality Control
  • Reference
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