Our company has 7 establishments with large storage space, modern efficient equipment for processing of ferrous waste and paper, as well as all necessary facilities for the waste collection in different places according to the wishes of our clients.

We purchase these raw materials:

  • Scrap metal (scrap price is determined by size and type of steel, or according to the prices of Eurofer and Euro Stahl )
  • Non-ferrous metals (the price is determined by the current exchange rate on the London Stock Exchange )
  • Lead batteries including electrolyte
  • Complete electric motors

Weighing of material is done on digital scales, which are regularly officially calibrated.

Sales of raw materials:

Purchased material is further processed by pressing on a Colmar mobile press, BV300 stationary presses, by cutting on Žďas and Kajman power shears, or burned, according to customer specifications for types 12, 12V, 33, 36, 71, 76, 6311, 6315, 69, 15, E3, E5, E8, etc. Stainless steel material and non-ferrous metals are further sorted using spectrometer and Sigmatest according to the percentage of metals and specific customer demand for types 18/8, 18/9, 18/10, 18/12, 25/19, 829-210, 819-223, 811-120 etc.

We also provide:

  • Collection of waste by our vehicles
  • Pressing of ferrous scrap in the mobile press at your location
  • Free delivery of waste containers
  • Loading larger volumes of waste by truck with crane
  • For large units we are able to use plasma or oxyacetylene torches right on location

If required we are able to respond flexibly and adapt to each customer’s specific requirements.

List of establishments:


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